Happy as a pig in mud.

Warning Signs of Satanic Behavior. Training video for police, 1990

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Pig got his very own mud pit at the house. I’ve never seen him so happy! #pigthepig #piggysmalls #apignamedpig #pets #thepoonsaloon #myhouseisazoo

Sloan is such a weirdo. #vannin #vanning #vanshee #thegrimcreeper #vannerbabe #van #sloanpup #princessfathead

Hey I kinda live with him! Sup Jonah!

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Riding with Feeny is my favorite.

Vanner babe.

some old biker slut tried to fuck my dude right in front of me at the bar tonight and elbowed me in the ribs and showed him her tits and he just tensed up and kept repeating “thats really really really my girlfriend” and the look on his terrified face was priceless and I had so much fun watching this woman throw herself on him and just be utterly denied.  She whispered in my ear “sorry, your boyfriend is just really hot and I want to fuck him” and then proceeded to tell him right in front of me, “I know that’s your girlfriend but if you want to fuck me you can.”

I wonder what it feels like to be that desperate. 

My roommate @nevermoore and her AMAZING mother at cooks corner tonight being the biggest babes in the joint! ❤️

Riding to cooks with the feensternator. #babesoftheshred #mrfeeny

Today I learned that feeny’s grandpa was A) probably the coolest man to ever live. And B) a total stud. This photo of him and two other guys was taken for a magazine and it’s totally getting framed to hang up in the van. At least a copy of it is!

@patfeeny ‘s grandpa took this off of a dead Japanese man in World War Two #badass #storageunitfinds

Holy shirt. @bornabadseed #bornabadseed #outfits

I have one happy little pig.

Very big pipe I found antique shopping today.