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Let me have this.

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Thanks for the shirt @steevi_wolfgang

We all feel alright @mome_rath @joe_mf_g_

Alcohol rules because people start punching each other. @stenchbastard @adamasta_

Orange partying with some of my faves. @mome_rath @stenchbastard

Today has ruled.

mesial asked: Your perseverance is something I greatly admire, and your kick ass attitude is such an inspiration. Please keep onward the way that you do. I just thought it was due time I tell you why I'm a follower. I appreciate everything about you.

This was absolutely wonderful to read, thank you darling!

Title: Free Bird Artist: Lynyrd Skynyrd 1,057 plays


bye bye baby, it’s been a sweet love


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Listening to Mariachi El Bronx, a cold beer, and enjoying the afternoon breeze with my bulltards.

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Rainbow brights

Photograph by Neil Gavin; W magazine August 2014. 

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