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Title: Masters of Legalized Confusion Artist: Eyehategod 127 plays

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Keaton Henson- Strawbear [Hallway Sessions]

Please pick me up on my long walk back home
Give me something to eat, for I’m weak to my bones,
Hold me tight in your arms, give me glimmers of hope

Do not love me though

Let me lay in your bed, talk of things you don’t know
Take the clothes from my back, and make love to me slow
and you’re free to think of all you feel and let go.

Title: Threads Artist: This Will Destroy You 1,249 plays

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Weak in the knees

and you’re wet on the floor.

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Title: Let Down Artist: Radiohead 282 plays


Radiohead | Let Down

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Hold on to your gold. When you find her, never let her go.

Title: West Coast Artist: Lana Del Rey 9,038 plays

Lana Del Rey - West Coast

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one day we’ll be side by side

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Title: 3055 Artist: Ólafur Arnalds 10,489 plays


3055 by Ólafur Arnalds

Some songs feel like tears on foggy days.  The hope that the light will poke through.




Daughter live on KEXP.



someone played an lcd soundsystem song over a miles davis trumpet solo and i think i feel alive for the first time in my life

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Agalloch - I Am The Wooden Doors

Title: Perth Love (Isonine Mashup) Artist: Bon Iver & Daughter 64,165 plays


Did she make your heart beat faster than I could?

Did she give you what you hoped for? 

Still alive, who you love..


….. Say what? Huh. Noooooo … STAHP.

ugh my heart.  Two artists that make my heart feel all the feels.

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Title: Lovesong Artist: The Cure 1,297 plays


Lovesong" | The Cure

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Title: Boyfriend Artist: Best Coast 66,567 plays


I wish he was my boyfriend
I wish he was my boyfriend
I’d love him till the very end
But instead he is just a friend
I wish he was my boyfriend

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